Adoring A SeniorLifestyle Trust helps individuals manage their lives. As individuals become older, we often find ourselves unable or unwilling to take care of all the day- to-day problems and tasks that are needed to sustain an independent lifestyle. We bring clarity and order to one’s personal financial affairs by providing the following services:

Daily money management
Guardianship services
Fiduciary services
Estate documentation
Insurance & beneficiary reviews
Community resource & referral

Daily money management

Sorting through mail, writing checks, balancing bank accounts, monitoring income and expense and organizing papers can be a tedious task. We give our clients peace of mind by helping them:

  • Balance all bank accounts and update registers.
  • Ensure that all household bills are paid in a timely manner.
  • Maintain an itemized income – expense spreadsheet
  • Organize tax papers and forward to the tax preparer.
  • Organize all papers our clients receive each month.
  • Monitor bank account activity to help identify any suspicious transactions.

Medical claims assistance

Are you confused by the papers you receive from your health insurance company? We can:

  • Help you understand all the paperwork, including the explanation of benefits (EOBs)
  • Explain exactly what your policy covers
  • Verify that balances on medical bills are correct to ensure cost effectiveness.
  • Assist in the filing of Long Term Care claims
  • File appeals for claims incorrectly denied
  • Inform you of changes in the health insurance industry – Medicare, Medicare Part D and Major Medical Insurance.


If your loved one is unable to make rational, clear decisions concerning finances, health care or other aspects of life, guardianship may be an alternative. We can help with:

  • Bill Payment
  • Evaluation of client’s current situation and recommendation of services needed.
  • Collection and coordination of all bank, brokerage, insurance and other financial statements
  • Review of investments and estate planning documents with advisors
  • Organization and delivery of all tax documents to CPA at year-end
  • Compiling detailed month-end accounting of all bills paid and detailed year-end accounting of client’s investments

Estate documentation

We can assist you in organizing important documents.  Estate Documentation includes:

  • Copy of Will and Will of Spouse, Trust documents, living will, durable power of attorney and insurance documents
  • List of bank and brokerage accounts
  • Identification of any safe deposit boxes
  • List of important personal documents and where they are located
  • List of debts and accounts receivable
  • Copy of home and mortgage records on personal residence and other properties
  • Names of individuals who should be notified of your funeral and details of the type of service you desire if arrangements have not been made

Insurance & beneficiary reviews

Keeping insurance and beneficiary information updated is essential. We can help:

  • Review and update insurance and beneficiary information
  • Ensure contact information is current
  • Notify necessary parties of death or serious illness as necessary

Community resource & referral

It’s often difficult to know where to turn and what resources are needed but we can help. We can:

  • Contact the appropriate agencies when services are needed.
  • Be a referral source for a variety of services, including legal, medical, insurance and more.